Saturday, February 12, 2011

Female, Brunette... Frustrated!

This week I attended a lecture on the transformation of relationship culture from "boy meets girl and asks her out on a date" to "let's meet at a party, hookup and never see each other again." The speaker offered an alternative relationship pathway built on mutual respect, communication, and intimacy where two people get to know each other at their own pace and openly discuss their needs. I loved the talk because it was so relatable and relevant to the conversations I have with my friends all of the time.

Technology has further complicated my relationship confusion. I’m so tired of meeting someone and having my hopes crushed in one click to view their facebook info. That leads to my topic for this post… “Like a Little.” It’s a website where students can post anonymously about some cute guy or girl they viewed across the quad but were too afraid to speak with face to face.

It seems harmless enough, yet my recent visit to the website had me a little worried. A poster wrote something offensive about buying some girl plan b and hoping to see her again. While my friends told me it was probably a joke, I can’t stop thinking about how NOT funny that comment is. It was disrespectful to this young woman, and that is a personal discussion between two people.

It worries me because technology has created another way to remove face-to-face contact. Call me a romantic, but I enjoy engaging in face-to-face conversations. Also, this campus is small, and everyone already knows each other’s business. “Like a little” seems to just be adding to that problem. What happened to simply dating and seeing where it goes?

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