Saturday, September 3, 2011

Note to Candies Ad Executives: Girls do MORE than shop and vacuum

I saw this commercial and needed to comment on the offensive messages it declares about young women. Apparently, Candies "girls" only wear high heels, exercise, spend hours accessorizing, and need a break after finishing their "work" which is vacuuming the carpet. Also, when you take a close look at the commercial, you notice that Vanessa Hudgens doesn't actually eat the cupcake. She just licks her fingers because well, she can't actually eat the full cupcake without worrying about her figure! Really, Candies! Girls deserve more respect than that. I take classes with many thoughtful, passionate, and intelligent young people that do a whole lot more than obsess about their appearances.

Is this belittling presentation of women the only way to sell a product? Sorry, Candies, I'm not buying it!



These ads also suggest that women exist only as sexual objects. The point of the shoes is to look "sexy" for men, as shown in both the images above. There is something disturbing about both images, especially since this is 2011 and not 1955. 

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