Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Dream Big"

In my naiveté and ignorance before attending college, I did not know how privileged I was to have that option. For me, university was not an option. It was assumed that I would go to college and be released into the “real world” after four years. My Denison education has taught me how lucky I am to have that privilege that many women will never have access to.

Over the past week as I looked around my female-dominated classrooms, my high-achieving feminist peers inspired me. In my “Social Cultural Methods” course, we grappled with issues of doing research with indigenous participants and began with the basics of who is considered “indigenous.” In my “Imagining the Body” course, we discussed the oppressive systems that convince women that outer appearances determine self-worth and confidence. As I listened to the research interests of my peers, I admired how daring and courageous each of them are. I also have a group of fantastic friends that accept me no matter what and stick to who they are. They are unique, sassy, and beautiful. These are the women I want to read about and see in magazines. I want to hear their stories and aspirations. I want to inspire young girls to dream big. I’m just looking for a career to do so.

(Yes, my title is inspired by a quote from Juno).

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