Thursday, March 31, 2011

Men & Feminism: An Unlikely Pair?

This week in one of my classes, we discussed whether men can do "feminist" research. For example, can men interview women about their experiences? Could they every understand what it is like to be "female"? While debating those questions in class, one student brought up the clip from Modern Family where Phil goes to the spa. (It's nice to know that other people are questioning themes from the show as well!)

So, what does it mean to be a feminist? Feminism usually gets a bad rap. It is stereotyped as being a movement made up of bra-burning man-haters. Well, that's not the case! Many people who identify as feminists claim different definitions. I think feminism is an attitude. It is an attitude of openness towards all people considered "different" whose rights have been "limited." It inspires me to work to promote a "better" world where there is less gender, sex, race, and class discrimination.

I stumbled onto a blog about an inspiring teacher that shares feminism with her students. She recently wrote an article about "Teaching Boys Feminism", and I think she makes a great point about women and men embracing feminism. Here's the link:

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